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Est. 1975

    Self Confidence

About Us:

 The Tang Soo Do Training Club of Wyandotte is located at 524 Oak St. in Wyandotte, Michigan and has been in business providing quality martial arts instruction since 1975.
 The club is owned and operated by Master. Ken Moore - 4th Dan, along with Master Stan Berlinski - 7th Dan, and Master Tom Davidson - 4th Dan. All under the guidance of GM Dale Droulliard, 10th Dan and first American Cho Dan in Tang Soo Do .

 We offer traditional Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Korean Karate for students 4 years old and above. Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan is a defensive art founded by Grand Master Hwang Kee in Seoul, Korea in 1945. In addition to learning self defense, you will develop better focus, self discipline, speed, balance, tone, stamina, and flexibility. Discounts for siblings and families are offered.

 In addition to Tang Soo Do, we offer Kick Boxing which incorporates the use of both hands and feet and utilizes a combination of several Martial Arts, Cardio, Pilates, and Physical Training. 
 All classes are taught by Black Belts. If you are looking to improve your  stamina, speed, power, confidence, and appearance then, this is the class for you.

We also offer courses in "Predator Awareness" which are classes specifically focused on self defense. Please click on the tab "Predator Awareness" for further details


Phone: 734-282-1003 or 734-771-6365



 Honestly, we've got to be about the hardest place to find in Wyandotte!

We are located at:
524 OAK Street
Wyandotte, Michigan 48192

The building location is between 5th and 6th street on the North side of Oak across from the church. Our location is the second story of the building, but to gain entry, you must use the alley behind the building. So either take 5th or 6th street until you come to the parking lot located next to the 2 story block building and park in the lot beside the building and our door is right there.



Little Dragons (ages 4 - 6): Monday  5:15pm - 5:45pm

Youth Karate (ages 7 - 11): Tuesday  5:15pm - 6pm
Thursday 5:15pm - 6pm

Adult Karate (12 and up):
Tuesday  6:15pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 6:15pm - 7:30pm
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Monday  6pm - 7pm
Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

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Karate: $50 per month
Adult Kick Boxing: $50 per month or $10 per class

One fee ($80) covers both Karate and Kick Boxing. The Kick Boxing classes are for Adults only.

Additional family members are only an extra $40 each per month, making this one of the more affordable Martial Schools in the area.

There are NO Contracts and $20.00 belt testing fees. As a matter of fact, we offer the first class free to make sure you like it.


Learn how to avoid getting yourself in a situation you do not want to be in. Basic releases and methods to disarm your attacker. A must for all women. Click on the Predator Awareness tab at the top of the page for more details.
Check out our video on Youtube:


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